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Alex Panza Is Following His Passion In Becoming An Artist

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Holding a love for music since he was a kid, Alex Panza really held his passion close to him as he’s become a well-established artist in just the past two years. Coming from Belgium, Alex Panza has crafted a handful of releases on Spotify and has accumulated over 11,000 followers on his personal Instagram page. Aside from the popularity, Alex Has been creating beautiful tunes since 2020 and continues to grow as an artist, constantly.


Alex has pushed the boundaries of his own music. By spending no less than four hours in the studio daily, Alex Panza constantly is creating new sounds and songs. With each week passing, Alex is spending nearly 30 hours in the studio, producing and writing for himself. This is the mentality and passion that’ll help him win. Working with his music like it is a full-time job. His work ethic has created so many opportunities for himself. With no signs of stopping, Alex proceeds to amaze and create beautiful new sounds that do nothing but show how good Alex Panza is at this game of music. Only two years deep into this industry, Alex is only getting started. This is definitely only the warm-up for him, his music, his success, and his career as a whole.


He’s obtained a whole new level of focus from his past releases of APWORLD, STUCK IN THE LOOP, and APVERSE, he’s continued to create beautiful sounds while still growing at the same time.


Follow Alex Panza on Instagram: @nza.alex

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