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30 Fresh Talks OMAG 3, The Vegas Music Scene, Being A Real Estate Agent and Meeting 50

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With an upcoming 3rd project ready to be released in April, the mixtape series ON MY AUNTY GRAVE is what got 30 Fresh noticed.

30 Fresh is a well-established, upcoming artist & unique staple in the underground Vegas scene. Having the hustle and determination to make tracks with some of the city’s hardest working artists, his work ethic is what scaled his brand and ability to be a FORCE in the city.

Originally from Fall River, MA, 30 Fresh has solidified his lane & love for Las Vegas as a business-oriented Rap artist all too familiar with the streets. Amongst a plethora of other businesses and activities, 30 Fresh is also a licensed real estate agent in Las Vegas and before so, has always been an active hustla throughout the Vegas hip hop community.

“Since the whole Tupac situation, the [Las Vegas] off & on strip underground music scene has had a dark vibe around it” Fresh states.

“Largely due to the relentlessness of Metropolitan PDs portrayal of negativity and violence around rap/hip hop.” Fresh continues, “It’s sad, but their control is a big reason Vegas hasn’t had a BIG STAR in a minute, most venues won’t even book us upcoming poppin artists because of the stigma”.

As an artist and entrepreneur, he learned this by stepping away from the scene and “studying the field” he says. Not worrying about the “inner circles” and really seeing what was going on for his advancement in this game.

Which is where 50 comes in! “How to Rob” is an all-time favorite of Fresh. Despite it being a fictional track, noticing the plan behind it is way more important. Fresh understood the direction and objective of 50’s track was to get him noticed and piss some people off if they lack the understanding of his creativity.

That’s exactly what Fresh did at a 50 cent pop-up inside Lees Liquor in Las Vegas… Get noticed!

Knowing you only get a few opportunities to meet your favorite childhood rapper, Fresh didn’t hesitate to seize the opportunity to show support to the Branson/ Le Chemin Du Roi backed legend, by copping $1K worth of bottles and getting to meet the Mogul in person… Did we mention 3 times?

If you’ve read 50’s #1 selling book Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter, like Fresh, you’ll understand his actions a lot better.

30 Fresh drops ON MY AUNTY GRAVE 3 in April. This is the 3rd and Final project in his mixtape series ON MY AUNTY GRAVE and will have


Listen to OMAG 2 here:

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