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Mighty Specialist Will Go With Anybody!

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 Nobody in the music industry can deny that the 25 year old rapper from Edgewood, M.D. Perry Moody, AKA “Mighty Specialist” is on his grind. He’s been putting in work for eight years and is ready to be the next up. “Music is in my blood,” says Moody. Moody creates his own music, lyrics, and concepts. He created his rap/stage name “Mighty Specialist,” after being inspired by Wu Tang Clan.
     Moody has released a hit single called, “The Jungle,” that can be found on Spotify. If Moody could have a dream feature and pick any artist, dead or alive, to feature on a track with him, it would be a toss up between Tech, or Eminem. Moody is currently negotiating with, “Yer Management,” about possibly getting “Jake Strain,” to feature on a track with him but nothings been finalized or set in stone, as of yet. When asked, “Do you think you could body Jake Strain on a track? Do you think you could match him on bars?” The Mighty Specialist is too nice and too humble to get baited into giving a “Connor McGreggor” response back to the media, but instead politely responds by saying, “I can go with anybody. I’m not trying to body anyone, however, I’m just trying to make great music with great people,” Diss tracks are not the Mighty Specialist’s thing. “I’m not in the ‘shit on people’ business, unless there’s something to warrant that response. I’d rather build working relationships and friendships that last a lifetime, than bickering with people that ain’t even worth it or trying to say I’m better than one or the other, because everybodys going to have opinions regardless.” If you’d like to work with or reach out to Perry Moody, “The Mighty Specialist,” you can email him at

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