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Meet De’Anna Liz, A Mental Health and Domestic Violence Advocate Striving To Empower and Heal Her Community

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As a young Afro-Latina growing up in the city that never sleeps, De’Anna Liz would have never imagined that her life’s experiences would one day navigate a journey of self-rediscovery, healing, and empowerment. An enterprising luminary with a life passion and heartfelt sincerity to combat the atrocities that women and children suffer in the face of domestic violence and mental abuse, often leading to the most unthinkable tragedies, De’Anna is unapologetically relentless in her pursuit to enlighten the lives of those affected and give a voice to the ones that suffer in silence.

With a bachelor’s degree in sports & event entertainment management and having minored in psychology & marketing, De’Anna launched The Naked Campaign as a canvas for her philanthropy and foundation to form a safe space and educational resource. Her overarching objective was to establish successful solutions that proactively restore the recovery of inner peace, courtesy of non-conventional approaches of demonstrated exercises and innovative concepts. Promoting wellness, self-appreciation, and dynamic mindset growth, De’Anna knew that her campaign’s ambitions would inarguably resonate.

“According to Liz “Domestic violence isn’t just something that happens to someone we may see on the news or read about in the headlines. This is an issue affecting our friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers every day. It’s none of my business. These are five words that keep domestic violence as the secret killer costing thousands of lives”.

As more women, and people of color utilize every platform and avenue to destroy the perpetual spectacles of society’s mishaps that normalize domestic violence, assault in rape culture, De’Anna Liz uses her past abuses and liberations to advocate for other’s suffering from abuse. Currently residing in Atlanta, GA, Liz and The Naked Campaign have been progressive by using various mediums of creativity, and by speaking out in an effort to heal and serve the mental health community.

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