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Exclusive Interview on Emerging Artist DaphoDILL

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Gifted with a passion for arts and poetry, 27-year-old artist DaphoDILL from Hattiesburg, Mississippi is emerging as one of the best new artists in our industry. Her music career began last year as an avenue to represent herself and the realities of life that she experienced. Releasing singles like All facts. Ft. Zaytoven, she quickly gained a following due to her fearless approach to creating music that resonates with everyone. This paved the way for her to release her debut album Anomalous in October which garnered thousands of streams on all platforms.

When you create something real, people will soon notice you. That is exactly what happened to DaphoDILL. Her name is as unique and real as her upbringing – she bloomed like a flower in a place mostly dominated by men. This is a testament to the dedication and talent that she possesses. And with the support of her fans and the love of people around her, there’s no stopping her from reaching the very height of the hip-hop industry. She didn’t falter one bit and released a new hit song named Led Zeppelin with a music video to match the artistry of the song. She also recently freestyled Drake’s Pound Cake and it shows her versatility as a musician. Today, we are lucky to have an exclusive interview with her where she talks about her life and music.

How did the pandemic affect your music?

The pandemic never affected my music. Instead, the pandemic helped me to write more and give me more Inspiration. It opened my mind even more to a lot more worldly experiences.

Do you have any weaknesses that you’re actively working to improve on?

My weakness within creating my music is trying to get it perfect. Completely constructed so well that there is no downfall while wanting to go hard on the beat. Sometimes less is more, but more is different.

What is your creative process like in making “Led Zeppelin”?

My creative process for making Led Zeppelin was all in how rockstars were and are perceived in what they give off. Everybody wants to be a rockstar. All the girls love the rockstars. The rockstars have this persona like look at me. When I walk into the room, this is me, and this is what you get! Love it or hate it. I wanted something different when I was creating to the beat with my flow and sound. So I took on that rock star persona not to only say hey look at me, but to also give in to that rockstar vibe. I wanted to give the audience something different from me as an artist, as well as take the rockstar persona to a different level. The music video itself as well as the song, give you rock. It gives you rockstar. It gives you edginess. It gives you diversity. It gives you fun. In making the music video I remember I didn’t really have help with it in bringing the entire vision to life, but everything worked out as needed. It still gave you those rockstar vibes.

What is your ultimate goal this 2022 as an artist?

My ultimate goal as an artist is to inspire other artists on their path as well that they can chase their dreams and it pays off. Even if it doesn’t, you still tried. There’s nothing worse than not even trying. If it didn’t work out in the way you wanted; you try harder. I just want to create music that fuels me while in time fuels others. Create. Create. Create. Create more music. 

Is there any artist that you want to collaborate with this year?

I definitely would love to collaborate with many people this year if and when it comes to the future. Artists such as 2KBaby, Trippie Redd, The Kid Laroi, Roddy Rich, Cordae, Nicki Minaj, Missy Elliot, Siya, and many more. 

Describe your favorite and least favorite part about being a musician

My favorite part about being an artist is where I get my inspiration from. It could be the tiniest thing that brings me closer to calmness. My least favorite part about being an artist would have to be the chaos in actually making the music. A beat only lasts so long. So I tend to write and write and write and piece what I’ve written in different songs all in one. Picking up one beat and moving on to another one beforehand.

What advice would you give to your younger self who is just about to pursue music?

I would give my younger self a message to not let the negativity get to you. No matter what people say, you just have to keep going. Inspire yourself and in time you will inspire others. Keep dreaming and never let anyone kill those dreams because they stopped dreaming. Dreams can and will come true, as long as you believe and keep trying and going.

When I think of music, I think of a way to escape from the everyday expectations of your life span. You escape into a world that only you know and create it in a way that other people understand.

To learn more about artist DaphoDILL, head over to her Instagram, Spotify, and Youtube accounts.

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