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Xcellence! “Broken Hearts Club” Is A Valentine’s Day Anthem.

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I wrote Broken Hearts club when what I thought was the love of my life stole from me and deserted me on Valentine’s Day right before my birthday. I was devastated. Took everything literally and left me sleeping while robbing me of precious memories and valuables. I told myself at that moment I would rather pull my heart out and throw it on the floor just to stop the person from hurting me anymore!!!!! Although this pain took some time for me to completely heal, I am still a believer in the magic of love. This song and music as a whole are my therapy and how I cried out for the help I needed to get through this rough time. I wanted people to know that we all struggle with love and relationships, and it can get dark sometimes. Yet, there is always hope if you believe. I had to share this today because Valentine’s Day can be painful for some of us, but in the end, I believe Love always wins and finds its way back to us all. Sometimes a broken heart is just a lesson leading us to understand what love truly is and as we heal, we can appreciate real love which is rooted in Self-love! We have to love ourselves before we love anyone else. I hope this song and video let’s people know they are not alone on their journey and although the pain can be devastating, healing is around the corner. 
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