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InkWhore333 Drops Sick Psycho 6ircus with Keyawna Nikole

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We’ve recently come across an artist who’s making a lot of noise online due to his most recent release. He goes by the name of InkWhore333. We discovered InkWhore333 on Adam22’s YouTube channel which is called No Jumper, after his most recent release for his latest single, “Sick Psycho 6ircus”. The song also features the current rising star, Keyawna Nikole, who was also covered on No Jumper a few months prior.

InkWhore333 is originally from Columbus Ohio, but he decided to relocate to Los Angeles in order to take his music career to the next level. The visual for “Sick Psycho 6ircus” is an extremely high production video, as he literally brings you into an actual circus for the visual. InkWhore333 and Keyawna Nikole are the only artists bringing the “Goth Core Rap” scene to the forefront as they mix Hip-Hop with Heavy Metal Rock. Their creativity definitely has the potential to bring their careers to the next level.

Make sure to follow InkWhore333 on all social media platforms @inkwhor3 in order to stay up to date with all future releases from the leader of the “Goth Core Rap” scene.

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