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Jordan Brooks Hints At Working On An EP

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Versatile artist Jordan Brooks’ latest single release, “PRAYERS,” is an affirmation of being able to overcome the worst of odds and morph them into something positive that can serve a better and stronger purpose in one’s life. The song expresses fighting for the hopes and dreams that everyone has inside of themselves, even during darker days, helping turn any struggle into strength.

“PRAYERS” is only Brooks’ second single, however, the success of the song holds a massive weight. The single has already garnered over 30 thousand streams on Spotify, and over 14 thousand views on BangersOnly, a Youtube channel with over 1.2 million subscribers.

Even though Brooks is an independent artist and a fresh face in the music industry, he already has the support of a well-known YouTube channel and publishing company, BangersOnly, as well as help from Kalisha Perera, who has been helping Brooks grow his brand and musical fan base through Verse Entertainment. Brooks has high hopes for the near future as he plans on creating successful singles that will eventually propel him into creating an EP as early as 2022, establishing his name in the music industry. “I hope to get signed to a good deal in the future if it’s the right opportunity.”

Brooks currently creates music in his own bedroom and after trial and error that comes with teaching oneself new skills, he has found an engineering method that works best for him, making it easier to get his creativity flowing. Though he describes his sound as a mixture of melodic rap and pop, Brooks also enjoys creating tracks that have elements of multiple genres in them. He prides himself on being a multifaceted artist, dipping into various genres and blending them together to create a style that is unique to him.
Though life has not been easy since the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic, Brooks makes it a point to use his music as a means to inspire and connect with others through shared experiences. “PRAYERS” portrays the hopes and dreams that everyone has inside of themselves as well as the belief system that is created and strengthened through what we allow ourselves to achieve in life through the good, bad and the ugly. Jordan Brooks’ latest single “PRAYERS,” is available for streaming on all services now.

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