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Spirosworld releases new project “Child’s Play”

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The rapidly rising rapper has been making his mark since 2014 when he put out his first mixtape. His relentless work ethic behind the scenes led him to gaining the opportunity to co-write a few records “2 pistols” album. The two penned the platinum hit “She Got It” together.

In 2017 he went viral with his internet sensation track “Still Tippin”. This led him onto many collaborations with big name rappers such as Baby Soulja, Rich Homie Quan and YFN Lucci. His most recent collaboration with Da Baby has seen the rapper reach over a million streams worldwide. The heavy-hitting anthem is a feel-good flaw filler brimming with raw hip-hip style

Born in the Bronx, raised in Tampa, Florida. The young artist has been rapping for most of his life. The rapper moved to Florida when he was thirteen. He got his start as a battle rapper in high school. However due to a home invasion charge, he was forced to move back to New Jersey in his late teens. It was here where he truly started harnessing his craft and perfecting his signature sound.

He treated this phase of his life as a sort of rap boot camp. Learning everything he could about the art with the aim of making a major mark on the music scene. Once the charges were dropped he moved back to Florida and hustled on the poker scene to fund his first mixtape. His dazzlingly unique sound and fierce grind sets him well apart from his peers. Making him a serious force to be reckoned with in the wider music industry.

Hard-hitting bars, smart lyricism and an untamed energy that just keeps giving. Welcome to the exhilarating new world of Spiro, an emerging hip-hop artist from the US currently making his mark on the global rap game. His style is bold, daring and impossible to ignore as he fuses a fast, effortless flow with raw, infectious rap rhythms.

The up and comer is well on his way to making a major mark on the music scene. With many of his tracks reaching streams in the millions. Not to mention having collaborated with Da Baby. The cool, calm charisma of spiro is contagious as his style-dripped energy takes us right into his world.

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