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Nobody Is Doing It Like Eyah. Vetted Hitmaker, Songwriter & Producer

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Eyah is a vetted producer with an international presence, fusing modern composition with ethnic inspiration.  He has been obsessing with music ever since he was only a kid. It was easy for him to develop a great taste in music since he was surrounded by the musical company most of his youth.  Eyah found his true calling in securing his musical platform early and discovered hip-hop music as a tangible medium to vent his emotions and display his unique approach to beat making. Soon after, he began to upload tracks that stirred buzz and garnered him a more substantial social media presence.
Eyah began achieving traction in the industry, with great releases fostering crowd support and earning critical acclaim. What makes his records so unique is that the sound Eyah creates is unfailingly vibrant in its rhythm, underscoring his seasoned craftsmanship and musical intentionality––making each release stand out from the herd in an unforgettable way. The hallmark of prominent music is how it affects us, makes us think differently while still producing something artistic and entertaining.
Eyah states:

“When you’re young, you have no idea what the real world is like. I believe music is almost like a doorway that bridges the gap of the unknown, allowing us to step out of what we never thought was possible.”

Eyah is committed to giving his audience honest and genuine content. His lyricism is reflective, and his storytelling technique takes listeners on a profound journey of contemplation and conviction.

2022 is about to be a game-changer for Eyah as he has much-unreleased music he’s been carefully lining up for release in the new year–the long-awaited anticipation has his fans on the edge of their seats. Radio hits, club bangers are in the forecast for Eyah , setting him apart from the rest, proving exactly why he deserves a 2022 crown.

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