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MITRI LAMAR is an emerging artist who remains true to his roots without compromising virtue amidst a tenacious industry

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Hailing from Miami – Dade County, FL, Lamar knew he wanted to be a musician ever since his youth. The musical inclination in his childhood was evident; every creative experience he encountered only confirmed the budding desire to grasp his purpose and take it by the helm. As he matured, the pursuit of binding his passion and career was inevitable––he made the switch.

Today, Lamar’s favourite project he has ever worked on is “TRAP MELODIES.” He said, “that this project shows who Mitri Lamar is”–– in other words, it’s evident that anyone who listens carefully will take away a piece of Lamar with them. “Trap Melodies” shows his diversity and ability to switch flow and cadence. Moreover, it also offers his real-life situations and authentic experiences.

According to a recent interview, Lamar discussed a common challenge many (even successful) artists face today. “Writers Block.” It’s like he knows what he wants to say but can’t express it. So taking a healthy break and revisiting the drawing board with a fresh mind seems to be the key to overcoming such instances.

With such a hectic past couple of years, Mitri learned to appreciate solitude. He took this past season to refine his craft so that when it comes to launching projects this year, he won’t get lost in the hype––but remain persistent with his art form and continue to influence those who dare to follow in his steps.

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