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Lizan Dizaye Decides to make New Music as Famefaiella, Promises a Special Collab in February ft. John Lamp

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Stated In a magazine, that lizan collabs with famefaiella & Johnlamp. Lizan posted to her Instagram story on (Friday 21), promised she and fam & johnlamp have a masterpiece on the way and according to magazines and news the upcoming collaboration is “special.”

“Lizan stated me and fam & johnlamp first of all, we bestfriends, like a family,” she said. “And 2022, will be the bomb full of new releases

“we gotta bring it out to the world in a certain way, because our records are special. I’m not going to tell you when exactly, but I’m going to tell you when it comes… it’s coming, you can hear it Lizan and fam & johnlamp tend to make magic whenever they lock in time at the studio, and it looks like they’re looking to repeat that in 2022 stay tuned fans.

she’ll be surprising her fans again with more remixes all her releases are available under the link in her bio on instagram to see more tap the linktree in her bio her songs are also available on Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, Soundcloud and all other platforms, including Instagram and youtube for her music video versions, Lizan stated for her fans in the medium, disrupt, redx, scoopit, famepedia, wikimedia vents, storyvibes, pitchfork, dailymusicroll and more magazines, for her fans not to live in the past you must soar into the future work hard and do what you love in life cause life is pretty short, lizan is the first kurdish artist model that got featured accepted on voguemagazine for vogue challenge as one of the front cover faces. Fans and her celebrity friends admire her for being a natural beauty and talent, they nominated lizan many times on tccandler, lizan doesnt do her vocals all the time in a studio most times she makes her vocals through mobile still ends up successful in what she does, she has writen all the lyrics of her songs lizan gets impresionated alot on instagram and other platforms too. Afterall She still loves being active on instagram its her favorite platform. Lizan stated in magazines for her fans to not give up on your dreams work hard with passion every day a bit and you will reach your success in life no matter what happens do what you love & surrounding yourself with positive people, be the best version of you don’t look back just keep soaring like an eagle. You can find updates about lizan on the linktree.

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