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Lior Poly on How to Live Your Music Dream

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Music is possibly one of the most coveted career paths for a significant number of people. The industry receives tons of fresh talent, with everyone seeking to dominate the space. Unfortunately, not everyone has what it takes to actualize their dream. Some lack the resilience and dedication to persevere through the many hardships that might come their way. However, others are brave enough to take the bull by its horns to make it happen.

These individuals are the ones who end up becoming some of the global superstars dominating the music scene. Their lifestyle clearly indicates how good it gets for successful artists. But what many don’t realize is that a lot goes into maintaining these standards. Hard work, discipline, and commitment to the craft have made some artists remain dominant for decades.

Lior Poly, one of the country’s top RnB artists, is a strong proponent of the artists embracing hard work and discipline as their main catalysts for success. According to Lior, “Talent without discipline amounts to nothing great as you are doomed to fail even before you begin.” Lior also adds that talent alone is never enough to gain you a competitive advantage. The music scene is ever-growing, with new, fresh talent continually bringing something new.

Lior also wants others to understand that the music industry thrives on innovation and creativity. These are the top factors that drive the industry, and you must be ready to dig deep into your creativity to bring your fans something new. Otherwise, you will likely be phased out by the ever-fast-changing trends. For instance, Lior had to develop his own sound that identifies with his brand. He is recognized for his smooth, poetic, urban sounds fused with afro-pop. This has been his style of music since venturing into the scene, and that’s what identifies him.

Lior has also mastered the art of refreshing his music to keep up with the trends. This allows him to stay at the top of his game while still staying true to his sound. Lior wants others to emulate these methods and continue being as innovative as possible. He believes it’s one of the factors that separates great artists from the rest.

Success in the music industry can also be difficult, especially if you lack originality and authenticity. Lior advises you to also believe in your potential and abilities even if others don’t believe in you. You have to be your number one fan and encourage yourself to continue pursuing what you have set your mind to achieve. The secret lies in ignoring the naysayers and focusing on the positives. This will help you build a brand that rekindles your personality during tough times.

Growing and scaling his brand to the international stage remains Lior’s top priority. He is also seeking to leverage his musical influence to positively impact society in every way possible. For Lior, nothing gives him more satisfaction other than tapping into his talent to change other people’s lives. 

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