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Did You Know Jared Woodson Made a Name for Himself in School as the Recess Rapper

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Kentucky rapper Jared Woodson is currently riding a growing wave of success, and surprisingly it all started in the schoolyard. Did you know that before he became a popular recording artist, Jared Woodson was known as the Recess Rapper? Performing as Alyst, Jared is now known for slick rap tracks like ‘Gleeming,’ which is currently playing on heavy rotation on BET. But, before his rap career hit the stratosphere, he was just a kid with a passion and talent for creating music.


Jared Woodson shares that back in the schoolyard, his love of creating and dropping rhymes between classes earned him the title of the Recess Rapper. His passion for music began in his early years, where musically talented parents nurtured it. Jared Woodson’s mother is a professional singer, and his father was a pianist on Michael Jackson’s Thriller tour.


In those days, he explored his true passion and built a reputation as a rapper. The Recess Rapper became as well known for his lyrics as he was for his talent with rhymes. Once he moved to New York, music became a full-time passion for Jared Woodson, as the rising star began to find new-fangled success in the music world as Alyst.


Once he had established himself in the New York rap scene, Jared Woodson joined Oscar Sanchez’s legendary Affluent Records. Alyst’s single ‘Gold,’ which is currently racking up listens on Spotify, was produced by Sanchez. Verified as a talent to watch, anticipation is currently building for Alyst’s upcoming full-length album and accompanying music videos.


Jared Woodson may have come a long way since he earned the name Recess Rapper, but his inherent passion for creating music remains the same.

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