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KJ-Wita-Ak’s Unique Sound Comes From A Variety Of Influences

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Participating in the streets of Minneapolis, Minnesota brought KJ-Wita-Ak into darkness he could no longer stand. Sleeping on the ground among mice at his lowest point in 2017, the creative had a spiritual awakening that pushed him to pursue a career in music.

Currently independent, KJ-Wita-Ak runs his own label called VerligteNation under which he signs and manages upcoming talent from his area. The artist has performed with the likes of Waka Flocka Flame and Juicy J among others, but his sound is influenced by a wider variety of greats.

KJ-Wita-Ak’s unique sound is inspired by names like Juice Wrld, Young Thug, Andre3000, and Michael Jackson among others. The artist often refers to himself as the “Umbrella Man” and interacts with his supports using an umbrella emoji in reference to his love of the late Michael Jackson.

KJ-Wita-Ak is on a mission for more, releasing a new single every week this year until March. With A mix between audio and visual drops, KJ-Wita-Ak hopes to catch the attention he deserves. His newest release “Colors” has already put up impressive numbers on multiple platforms, with over 1 million clicks to date.

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