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GeoMike122 Releases New Project “Michael Ciolino”

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One thing that we insist on having in our playlist are artists who can make you see the world in a different way. We’re all tired of hearing the same old musical cliches, and of having our ears grow numb from listening over and again to the same tracks.

Well, Geomike122 is exactly what you need – an artist who knows how to show you the world in a different manner, through his music. The way he sees it, more precisely. Geomike122’s music is strangely unique, and has a fascinating, esoteric vibe to it, one that the artist himself attributes, among other things, to his ADD diagnosis, which he says “allows him to hear noises most people don’t, and see the things others miss”.

This allows Geomike122 to imbibe his music with a wonderful, and rich complexity we no longer expect from modern-day music. Geomike122 draws inspiration from unusual artists and musical icons in their time, such as David Bowie (who, like Geomike122, also conveyed his message both through music as well as visuals), Madonna, and Kylie Minogue.

His brand new album “Michael Ciolino” tells a story of heartache in an unusual way. What we personally love about it is that if you listen to the album without knowing that, you couldn’t even tell. Tracks like “Whimsical” and “Fantasy” have these very upbeat, inspiring vibes to them, and use repetitive beats to compose a melody that’s easy to dance to, but not overly taxing on the emotions.

Still, upon closer listening, “Michael Ciolino” draws on all the right strings, particularly with songs like “Abyss” and “Tiempo” which really highlight Geomike122’s artistic prowess, and his unique vision. Hailing from a diverse background (the artist identifies as gay, non-binary, and of mixed heritage), Geomike122 is able to tell a story using colors unlike any you’ve been exposed to before. And that’s what makes “Michael Ciolino” one of the most exciting things we’ve listened to in 2021.

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