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Eva y Ale Booming Trap Track “Superstars” Reaching Fans Across The Globe”

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The Latinas who came to Miami and turned an opportunity into money, have just released their single “Superstars”

Miami is the promised land for many. Especially for an influencer born in Venezuela and another in Spain who came to live and study in the United States. Eva Jarit and Alejandra Divo are Miami-based fashion bloggers who shared their secrets to success with us on how they turned rags into riches with their enthusiasm, charisma, and witty personalities.

Since 2017, Eva has been bringing warmth to the Sunshine State and her Spanish roots to Miami culture. Since 2012, there has been an influx of foreigners to the city and a rise in Miami influencers working in the fashion, beauty, and travel industries.
Alejandra and Eva have not allowed the flow of influencers looking for the same opportunities to overshadow their careers. As Will Smith once said, everyone is “Welcome to Miami” and both were received by many brands since Eva had a great track record in Belgium and France.

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