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Big H is a musician ready to revolutionise the DMV:

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The world of music, including those who listen to it and those who create it, is one that is often overlapping and of course, changing. Based out of White Oak Maryland, Big H is a rising musical figure who is slowly seeking out a name for himself in the big picture. At present, Big H has already received much applaud and recognition from music lovers all over the world for his album Sorry 4 the H and his single Servin. Most would know him from his songs charting the billboards in Baltimore as well as his collaboration with DB Bantino, another great personality in the industry.

While Sorry 4 the H was released quite some time back in 2019 with a total of nine songs, Servin is quite recent and released in 2021. However, in this gap of 2 years, Big H has both improved his style and developed more into his own flair. Those who have avidly heard his music and supported him over the years can surely attest to the fact that Big H has also always been adamant about using lyrics that are based completely on his own experiences rather than just making up fabrications and putting on a superior demeanor. All of this sets apart Big H from the regular DMV fair and has made him a player in a different league altogether. Moreover, Big H uses his authenticity as a means of inspiring other youth in the DMV and encouraging them to take advice from his own journey against adversity.

Apart from his obvious skill one of the biggest factors that separate Big H from his peers in the music industry is his humbleness and positive attitude towards what he has been able to achieve. He thanks his supporters for their constant encouragement and belief in his capacity which have unconsciously motivated Big H to work even harder and reach higher goals. “I appreciate everyone who has tuned in for the journey. I will make sure that this time spent is worthwhile”, Big H adds.

Keeping in line with the above motive Big H is currently working hard on his upcoming album The Truth Hurts, soon to be released in April of this year. Big H even goes so far as to call it his dream project and the next big step in his blooming career. While there is so much more to be told about Big H the best way to keep in touch with this talented creator is to follow him on his social media platforms. So, make sure to check him out on:

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