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Miles Vice – “CrazyBabyLady”

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Miles Vice, also known as Casper, is the real deal!. He’s been writing, recording, mixing and selling his music since 2000. He has a plethora of talent, creating music that consists of dance, R&B, house and techno. His latest album was recorded at Edible sounds with Derek D.

Miles Vice is currently working with Goldfingerz at Fireworks productions. He has put out 12 albums on his own and continues to make music. He’s a jack of all trades, and very versatile.

One of Vice’s main goals is to open up a music school for kids that will give them an opportunity to advance in their music career.

Miles Vice, the Player, has a #1 hit that had held the #1 position for over a week. He is one of the Greats and gets satisfaction out of helping others and his fellow musicians.

If you’re ever in Sacramento California reach out to Fungacyde Productions and participate. You are always welcome there.

Casper Caldera

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