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The Talk – Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson & Joseph Sikora on Expanding ‘Power Book IV: Force’

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Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and Joseph Sikora dish on “Power Book IV: Force” and Tommy Egan’s move to Chicago, Friday on “The Talk.” Sikora says, “Tommy is kind of like two parts Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, two parts Dutch Schultz. No, he’s all NY. It’s his life blood, it’s his heart, his soul, his skin. So to put him in Chicago, any other backdrop other than NYC, we’ve established in the Power show that he doesn’t like Chicago…he doesn’t like Los Angeles…so him in Chicago is really exciting. He adds, “It’s a great move because it expands the Power world into the Power universe. You really had to leave the five boroughs to expand the world. And so who better to do it, Tommy Egan. He’s going to survive at all costs.” “I knew Joe was going to be a success when I first met him,” 50 Cent adds. “He came in so prepared for it that he kind of made them question whether we had the right guy for the lead…Joe was always number two in Power, now he’s number one.” Sikora says, “I’m blessed that 50 gave me the change to keep on keeping on with Tommy Egan.”

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