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Cat Calabrese, the artist who uses music as a form of healing and self-expression

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One of the most impressive qualities of music is that it is not just a form of entertainment. Music is a unique way for people to connect with others and make sense of the world around them. Creativity is a great way to get to know more about yourself and remind yourself that you are not alone and the world is full of possibilities. For example, the story of recording artist and songwriter Cat Calabrese is a fantastic reminder of the incredible power of music. This kind of power can change lives for the better, which is exactly what this talented artist experienced.

During the year 2020, Cat was actually in a bad situation. Not only was the whole world struggling with the coronavirus pandemic, but she was also fighting her own battles. Cat was going through a traumatic breakup from her long-term relationship. The relationship was abusive in varying ways, and this realization, coupled with the abruptness of the breakup, sent Cat into a tailspin. Being stuck in an abusive partnership is one of the worst things that could happen because it feels like being a prisoner in your own life and even in your home. Some people get stuck in those situations for decades, and perhaps for their entire lives, without ever being able to get out and experience what their life could be if better and more positive people surrounded them.

Thankfully, Cat managed to find the strength to move forward, so she could finally start to live the life she deserves in the first place. One of the essential steps to recovering and taking control of her life was for Cat to start making music. She became an artist soon after getting out of that bad relationship, and she quickly discovered that music had an incredible power for healing. Writing songs was almost like a form of self-therapy for Cat, who holds no barrier to writing lyrics that stand out for their honesty and the singer’s ability to portray her real-life experiences in a way that most people can easily relate to.

Her fifth single, “Psycho Therapy,” is an excellent example of that. The song might’ve been quite challenging for Cat to write in some ways. After all, the track was very personal, and I related very closely to some bad things that she had experienced in the past. However, one of the things that she has learned from her life is that it is necessary never to forget the past to appreciate all the good things that life has to offer. As they say, there is no good without the bad, and only when we experience the darkest time can we truly stop and admire the most beautiful sunrise ahead. This beautiful and one-of-a-kind song is a perfect example of how Cat can use her voice to portray her most genuine and visceral emotions. Her vocals are very dynamic and very versatile.

As a singer, she has an extensive range, making her music stand out. Because she is such a proficient singer, Cat can explore various styles. Music is always kaleidoscopic and diverse, and you never know what to expect at every twist and turn. Cat is always happy to explore different ideas, but there is one thing that all of her music will always share: she loves to be spontaneous and honest, with very personal and authentic lyrics. When discussing her creative approach, Cat often describes her writing of songs as “following the flow of the creative projects.” In other words, her process depends on the music that she’s working on at the moment. This is a very refreshing perspective because it also means that she does not use the same cookie-cutter approach for all the songs that she writes.

On the other hand, she approaches every track differently. This is one of the reasons why her songs are always so genuine and very personal. By avoiding following a strict formula, she can always allow her songs to portray whatever she’s feeling at any given time.

Find out more about Cat Calabrese, connect with her on social media and do not miss out on her music. You’ll be able to find her sounds on digital streaming platforms.

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