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Damicuts, Top-Tier Celebrity Barber TikTok

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Celebrity Barber & Tik Tok influencer Damicuts, has created a name & brand for himself in the niche world of haircutting. Hailing from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, the young new barber has become a highly sought-after creator on Tik Tok. With over 3 million engaged followers on the Tik Tok app and 150 thousand Instagram followers, hundreds of thousands of fans flock to his social media pages (@docdami & @damicuts) daily to witness the life-changing haircuts he provides for his clients.

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Known to be a surgeon with his clippers, Dami is one of the few young barbers within his age group to become incredibly familiar with a variety of techniques when cutting hair, as well as someone who has developed an excellent eye for detail without thinking twice when working with different hair types and styles.

Dami started cutting hair when he was just 16 years old. Although, he started taking it very seriously when he turned 18. His little brother was his first client and then he elevated and began cutting his highschool friends hair as well. Not too long after turning 18, Dami secured a job and started working at a local barbershop.

When asking Dami what he would rate his skills on a scale of 1-10, his response was, “I believe that hair cutting is an art. Mastering the art of cutting hair requires a lot of passion and dedication to the work which are things I believe I possess. I’d have to give myself 9/10 for overall service, communication, and customer satisfaction. I gave myself a 9 because there is always room to grow.”

Dami is a creative talent to watch out for in 2022.
Take a look at some of his incredible transformations below.

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