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Lessons We Can Learn From Kane Comfort’s Success

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Having a mentor or coach can be one of the great ways to gain insights into your career potentials. Mentors have been a significant help in guiding some very successful people to find a path to their current success. A mentor can help you take the steps necessary to achieve your career goals. Not to mention, help keep you on track.

But it can sometimes be tough to find a personal mentor who understands your path and dreams. Like with any type of relationship, it takes the right person to have the connection that’s necessary. While it may be tricky to find the right mentor, many will say it’s well worth it. 

Everyone has an idol or successful person that they look up to. But it can sometimes be a tough task to access your idol. You can always observe and learn from some of the life experiences that they post in the public domain. Most of these successful people like to share their stories with the intent to inspire and motivate others. They can be entrepreneurs, musicians, or any other successful public figure. 

Kane Comfort, an up-and-coming musician, is showing other young artists that they can make their dreams a reality. Kane is a talented musical artist, singer, songwriter, and rapper that’s making his way on the American music scene. He is announcing his presence in the industry with solid messaging and addictive hooks. His latest EP is Lotus, which is a collection of five captivating tracks. You should definitely check it out. His other great songs include “Stupid In Love,” “65 South,” and “Green Leaves,” which are available on his Spotify account. 

Though still young, Kane is giving some mainstream artists a run for their money with his unique and captivating releases. He is already gaining a fast-growing fan base with an audience from all over the country. He continues to perform in different venues in live shows in and around Nashville, TN. 

Aside from his musical talent, Kane’s hard work and determination sets him apart. He makes a practice of honing his writing skills each day. The young artist was introduced to music by his late father, who was a life-long performer. Kane got his musical inspiration from his father, who remains his top music idol.

“When I read my father’s final words to me in a handwritten letter he had drafted before he passed, it had 3 points of advice for the rest of my life, and I think they give a good description of the kind of man my Father truly was. He wrote, “Always live with integrity to your values, based on the eternal natural principles that govern life,” “Always exercise your greatest talents in meaningful service to others,” and “Always treat each individual with the dignity they deserve as children of God,” shares Kane

The Kansas State University graduate now believes his most outstanding talent is to create songs, and is the ultimate reason why he is working hard to get his music out into the world. Kanewants to keep growing, creating, and continuing to live out his father’s legacy.

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