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Kidd Lucidd Is Captivating Houston’s Rap Scene

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Since 2019, KiDD LUCIDD has not stopped captivating the Houston rap scene. With two remarkable tracks from this past year, KiDD LUCIDD continues to grow as an artist. With time, KiDD LUCIDD has grown so much as an artist and as a person. For her, music is everything. Her entire life has been captivated by the music and her ever-growing passion to grow his music.


With so much meaning and weight behind her music, KiDD LUCIDD has attracted over 19,000 Instagram followers. All of which join KiDD LUCIDD in her music career. “I want to welcome those people, the ones who were told they would never amount to anything good, the ones who are still searching because there’s something lost. I want my music to be a beacon. Healing, psychedelics, I want them to feel on top of their situations, not subdued to them.” KiDD LUCIDD started when being asked what she wants her listeners to gain from listening to her music. By having her own understanding of how tough life can get, KiDD LUCIDD has always turned to music as a way out. As an artist and even more as a person, KiDD LUCIDD has come so far. From writing poetry as a child to developing an entire sound in the music of her own, KiDD LUCIDD is certainly a name to be well aware of.


If you haven’t already, be sure to check out KiDD LUCIDD and give her tracks a listen. With more music on the way, you can keep up with her on his personal Instagram page here, as well as listen to her most recent release on her Spotify page here

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