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Fat Joe Urges Rappers Not To Get Caught Up With The IRS Doing The Money Challenge

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Rappers have always found ways to show off their bankroll. From fast cars and designer clothes to wads of cash, artist insist on showing the world that they made it. Recently, a trend that we thought was long gone reappeared on the gram. The #MoneyChallenge is where you lay out thousands of dollars on the floor in the form of a message.

Lil Durk was one of the first to restart the trend, which started in 1983 when rapper Busy Bee wrote out his name in cash in the classic Hip-Hop film Wild Style. On Instagram, when Soulja Boy made reference that he was once again the first rapper to do it,  50 Cent recalled that he actually did a year before. The Power Universe Exec shared, “When I look back at some of the s**t that I did, I be bugging out. I see all these new versions, I like em all”

Yung Miami of City Girls also participated by spelling out “them h**s ain’t me.”  Meanwhile, back in LL Cool J’s prime, he used ice cubes instead of dollar bills. But after Nick Cannon posted his message that the IRS was watching in toilet paper, Fat Joe to the gram to promptly agree.

In 2013, Fat Joe was sentenced to four months in prison for tax evasion. He failed to pay taxes on more than $3.3 million dollars which left Joe stunned yet remorseful. With the knowledge of that past hiccup, Joe immediately had something to say about the challenge and stressed not having a run in with the IRS.

“You haven’t had a legit job in your life. You writing your names with mountains of money. F**k is wrong with you? Nick Cannon said, ‘IRS is watchin.’ F**kin’ right! They don’t have to look far. In fact, all they gotta do is [click on the] hashtag Money Challenge.”

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