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Creating his own distinct identity through his acting and performing skills is Marlon Palmer

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Better known as ‘thatdudeMCFLY’ on digital platforms, he has carved his own niche and is racing ahead of all with full throttle._*

The name Marlon Palmer needs no introduction as he has already been noticed by people from across the globe owing to his hilarious performances which have taken the internet world by storm. The hilarious skits, song parodies and infamous rants have made him a popular online personality who is loved by people all over. Since he stepped into this zone in 2011, he has been creating waves with his on-screen antics, which has caught the attention of a wide audience. The 33-year-old online rage from Maple, Ontario, grew up drawing inspiration from names like Will Smith and Jerry Seinfeld, who had created their glorious lives by putting in hard work and dedication, which highly impressed him. At six, he was acting in church plays, which further fuelled his passion to continue his acting trysts while in high school.

Palmer knew that being in the profession of entertainment was his calling and to pursue his dreams further he participated in the Much Music VJ Search. There has been no stopping for this young man since then as he was selected to host a radio show, ThaDot FM, which turned out to be his launchpad into this space. What followed were hosting a number of talent shows and parties, establishing him as a known face. Some of his online videos like “Stuff Girls Say,” followed by “Sh*t Jamaicans Say” got him to establish his firm foot into the industry. One of his best was “Sh*t Toronto People Say” generated millions of views, including a lot of backlash too as many thought it was not up to the mark.

Palmer’s passion and dedication has helped him reach optimum levels as his social media platforms enjoy a humongous 28.1 million views, with 54.7 thousand followers on Instagram, and his 32 million impressions a month on Twitter. Of late, he started a monthly comedy show called Extra Gravy, along with a weekly podcast that goes by the same name. Extra Gravy is presented in collaboration with TheBigNormShow, which talks about some extremely important topics. He has also been a part of many TV shows like Motives and Murders, Handmaid’s Tale and NBA TV’s The Hangout, and commercials for some popular brands like Frosted Flakes, Honda, Mentos, Harvey’s, Verisign and Virgin Mobile.

To know more, connect to his Instagram:@thatdudemcfly.

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