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Memik is a New Augmented Reality Dance App that Should Be on Every Artists Radar

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The music industry is by far one of the hardest industries to make it in. On top of having to be talented enough to constantly reinvent yourself, you have to also stray away from bad label deals that will give you short term solutions and prevent longevity. The term “starving artist” is becoming more relatable than ever and getting paid for your craft is slim to none.

Laron Walker and Amari Ruff are here to change that. Both stemming from a successful background in tech, the two entrepreneurs joined forces to launch Memik, a new augmented reality dance app that allows content creators to get paid.

One of the most notable things about the app is its avatars. Creators can load avatars, scan the room they’re in and interact via augmented reality– turning any environment into a stage to share with their followers. Content creators are compensated when users are able to purchase their content. With Memik, you can use your avatar to market your brand. An example of this is that your avatar can wear your merch and then your fan base can click the clothing on the avatar to purchase the merch directly.

It also provides great exposure for artists. This is beneficial considering marketing and distribution and two important components for being a great artist. By allowing content creators to reach their target audience and create more revenue, Memik helps over 90% of content creators to make the money they deserve.

Another unique factor Memik offers is that it gives content creators more ways to monetize their content. Through Memik, content creators can create NFTs (non-fungible tokens), the new digital finance craze directly linked to cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Content creators can also start their very own dance challenges, featured artists pages, and featured music playlists. The app also lets content creators sell merch and virtual tickets to events. Memik launched influencer programs that reached over 20 million people as of writing.

Memik already has some big names supporting, from music producers to NBA all-stars. In fact, they’ve recently added Natalia Espejo, Global Vertical Marketing Lead, North America at Snap Inc. to their list of advisors.

Memik is currently open to investors. Their StartEngine link can be found here:

You can also follow Memik on Instagram here:

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