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Kurtis Hoppie Uses His Music To Bring People Together And Inspire Hope

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Music unites people, and there’s something special about fans singing along to the lyrics you’ve created. Kurtis believes that being an artist is more than a platform but a mantle of responsibility requiring stewardship. As an artist, people look up to you and live by every word you say, regardless of whether you are aware of it or not.

Kurtis Hoppie is an artist and songwriter who wears his heart on his sleeve; he’s not afraid, to be honest, through his lyrical expression. The artist is part of a quickly growing community of artists and rap performers who put Idaho on the map.

Kurtis states:

“It’s exciting to see what’s happening in Boise, I believe this city is quickly rising to be the Christian Hip-Hop Capital of the North West.”

Kurtis is one of the most buzzed-about names in the local community, reaching the top of radio charts with his singles “Rooftops” and “Vegan Burgers .” He also says, “I believe in the peers God has surrounded me with, including talents like Vito OT, Spencer Boliou The MisfitArmy & Dany Gray.”

He also adds, “This community of musicians is bringing so much hope and inspiration to people everywhere, and they are genuinely helping redefine what hip-hop music could be all about.”

Since his early days in the music business, Kurtis has worked hard to tour and bring his music out there and keep spreading the hope. At the beginning stages of his career, he was actually known as Triple Thr33. Back then, he released many successful tracks under that particular name and went above and beyond to connect with the audience every time he released a new record. He learned a lot in the process, and despite his growing success, he maintained a very humble attitude. That important transitional chapter of his career culminated with the very last release to be published with the Triple Thr33 name: “Mansions In The Sky.” This fantastic studio work became a propelling fuel for Kurtis, who connected with the right people and decided to take a giant leap forward. He co-founded a label and changed his artist moniker to his actual birth name. He started to experience some great hits almost right away. For example, his studio single, Rooftops, is Kurtis Hoppie’s second song to hit it big on the Christian radio charts. The music fosters significant support from the listeners, who seem to respond very positively to what this talented artist is all about.

From the catchy edge of emo-rap to the energy of modern trap, there is virtually no limit to what this talented performer can accomplish in music. The artist’s most recent studio release is titled “Problem Child,” It is a very accomplished EP with no features. Kurtis holds his own, and he provides a genuinely unique take on the music he loves, inspiring people each step of the way. The songs on the EP feel like a compelling take on his sound, showcasing his evolution and his willingness to remind himself often where he comes from, never giving up on his roots and his face. The sounds on the EP are incredibly diverse, as the music combines all of the influences that make his sound so unique with a charismatic and one-of-a-kind flow.

The mood of the EP is quite immersive and cinematic, with a strong emphasis on the vocals and a balanced selection of instrumentals that always serve as a perfect backbone to the tracks.

“Problem Child” actually features many highlights. The release features a selection of 5 songs. The opener, “Eye Of The Storm,” feels like a perfect introduction to the vibe of the release. In addition, “The Fall” is a blast of energy, highlighting the artist’s ability to combine atmospheric sounds with big, punchy beats.

“Vegan Burgers” is a stunning tribute to the artist’s wife. Talk about serenading your significant other! This magical love song made a big splash on the music scene. The track propelled the EP’s visibility by spending 14 weeks on Christian Radio Billboard, including five consecutive weeks high up at number 3 on the Christian Hot chart. “Gone Tomorrow” feels like a more introspective song, but it is also an ode to have faith and embrace life’s best at the moment. Last but not least, the title track itself seals the deal with a fantastic approach to production.

“Problem Child” is an excellent example of what to expect from Kurtis. This release is highly recommended to fans of artists as diverse as Post Malone, Juice WRLD, and Mac Miller, as well as some of the best Christian hip-hop out there, of course!

Please find out more about Kurtis Hoppie, and check out his music, which is currently available on some of the most popular digital music streaming services.




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