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Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Ruby Recordings

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Coming up with the idea of starting up your studio is a bold decision. Fully aware of the challenges there: high initial capital investment, lack of well-trained personnel, to mention a few. 

Many artists and investors have tried to develop a recording studio without success. Congrats to Trizzy, the Ceo and the founding father of Ruby Recordings in Utica, New York. Trizzy decided to start the record label in 2015 after having a successful rap career. 

Only a few people starting their labels have a complete understanding of music, production, and business the spotlight like Trizzy. He hustled for some time and later signed in with people in the industry. 

Rapper Frio Isa Blaque the year that followed. He recorded and released his studio album ‘let me put some Frio on it.’ The album received high engagement, and it began trending. Since then, ruby records have grown big; it’s not a simple record label. The added services are concert production, artist development, and touring.

Check out their Instagram for updates on Ruby Recordings, and you can also head to their official website to learn more about Ruby Recordings and its other talents.

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