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A fulfillment of life’s purpose: Da Prophet Makin Da Profit

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Music became more than just sounds and beats for Daniel Padilla at a young age after rap was introduced to him by his friend. Perhaps, luck was on his side having grown up in a time when rap was at its peak and 2PAC was one of his inspirations for staying true to his origins no matter where he came from. 

Together with the “Screwed Up” lifestyle that Houston legend DJ Screw introduced to music, Screwed Up Click (S.U.C) was also formed. South Park Mexican, a member of the S.U.C. SPM, provided a clear view of what it’s like to be a Mexican minority in their crooked system.

Availing himself for music as an escape driven by past legends, hip hop living in this generation, holding religious beliefs, and an increased income — Da Prophet Makin Da Profit manifested to be a prophecy at hand.


Making profit

No other reasons or excuses.

“The sound.”

For Daniel Padilla, also the famous Da Prophet Makin Da Profit, it was his sole realization of getting into music. But so much influence brought him to his place right now: Michael Jackson, DMX, Madonna, Tupac, South Park Mexican, Nas, Jadakiss, Linkin Park, Metallica, Korn, AC/DC, Tom Petty, Eminem, and Bone Thugs N Harmony. With his inner drive and passion empowered by the inspiration from them, his sound resulted into a musical alchemy.

Just as his name suggested, Da Prophet has been making profit out of his music and has just already released a Matrix themed video and song titled, What’s Come To Be after a couple of other songs people can listen to on Spotify. 

“I want to take rap somewhere no one else can take it.”

That was the essence that Da Prophet embedded in his songs—in a world of NPCs, people must get up and do what they were meant to do, not what the machine dictates to do. Rap set off in the East and lyrically no has ever spit bars in Spanish that was from the South not to mention from a native Houstonian.

The prophecy fulfilled

Da Prophet stood in the belief that there is always a hope disregarding the instance that the integrity level of man is cut down and he is using his music to edify people.

“Let it be known that I am one to bring balance to uplift the soul of man by spitting nothing but the truth.”

That aside, he expressed his strong conviction that others must pay attention to what life is trying to teach us in order to grow. 

“The trick is to give yourself no matter the outcome and enjoy the ride before the last stop here on this plane…”

Get more of Da Prophet at daprophet4lyfe.

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