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Reviewing Some Of PYTI’s Songs

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PYTI’s music can easily be characterized by one very significant thing; which is the ability to combine different vibes or music patterns together to make something different and refreshing.

The most readily identifiable pattern in a PYTI song includes some of the following: Electronic, Pop, ambient; a little bit of hip-hop and R&B in it as well. The electronic part of it however is the base/foundation for any of his Music.

Another great part of his music is the evident willingness to get a listener indulgent in what they are listening to, this is on show in each song with each beat being ever so captivating.

Below is a list of PYTI’s released tracks with a brief description, an opinion and rating:

Tell Me

“Tell Me” Is an interesting song that constitutes an even blend of: Electronic and Pop music. It also has a noticeable ambient and danceable vibe to it. A song to get lost in the groove with as it offers an immersive & progressive rhythm with little yet captivating lyric, “Sing me a song, this is where I belong” certainly, this is where anyone belongs, so listen and let the music “Take Over”.

My Opinion: I really love this song, it’s so nice and gets me in a mood of wanting to dance everything. I really like how the song progresses between the parts where there’s lyric and the part where there’s none. No one can tell me they don’t like this.

(Rating: 10/10).

Move On

“Move On” brings something of a subtle, yet mysterious vibe to it. The song begins slowly and eases its way into it with a move immersive pattern. And then the beat switches up and we’re hit with another PYTI Electropop special. This track is very impressive considering the smooth and effortless transition between the hard and subtle parts of the song.

My Opinion: I like this song. Most interesting part of it is the mind verse “I won’t forget all the promises you made…”.

(Rating 10/10).

Get High

“GET HIGH” is just an extremely captivating song. A typical PYTI immersive beat and easily relatable lyrics. “Without you, I feel incomplete”, a nice blend of Electronic and R&B music. Easy to the ear and mind. The subtle intro beat sets the tone for something of a really indulgent “LOVE VIBE”.

My Opinion: The way this song starts is really bliss, and the song is really nice; something I can listen to nonstop.

(Rating: 9/10).


“Multiband” delivers a kind of hip-hop vibe, the song starts off that way and progresses in that manner as it builds up to an unexpected beat drop takes us to a whole electronically lush place. The song proceeds in similar fashion and just after the midway point of the track, there’s an addition of a tingly element to it.

My Opinion: It’s a decent song, but it is kind of “Vague” and not easily vibe able to.

(Rating: 7/10).

Night Wish

“NIGHT WISH” starts off with a beautiful & soft serenade of a piano and then progresses into a transition that leads to a mysterious type beat. This beat then takes us to a subtle wonderland and slowly back to the mysterious type beat. The smooth transition between these moods on one song is really a thing of beauty.

My Opinion: This is a really nice song, the into is heavenly. The way the whole song progresses as a whole is wonderful.

(Rating 9/10).

Ranking these songs in the order of which I love best.

  1. Tell Me
  2. Move On
  3. Night Wish
  4. Get High
  5. Multiband

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