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Nyota Parker Releases Stunning Album Spectrum

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Artists looking to get into the music industry have often had a long-standing relationship with music from a very early age, and this is equally true for one of the latest up-and-coming artists on the music scene, Nyota Parker. Indeed, writing her very first song at the tender age of 11 years, she’s always had an insatiable passion for music – and she released her first mixtape at just 16 years of age, something that’s rarely seen.

The release of her first mixtape would rapidly begin propelling Nyota Parker to ever-greater successes, and she released her first EP in 2019, called Energy. The initial success of this title would then lead her to begin a country-wide tour, sharing her music and hip hop energy with the world!

Parker’s personal music hero is Nicki Minaj, and she has always taken great inspiration from her work; indeed, Nyota dreams of making a difference both within the hip hop world and further afield with her messages of self-confidence, personal strength, and tackling gender oppression; it’s undeniable that her work has already begun to make waves in this generally male-dominated field, and we’re confident she’ll continue reaching for ever greater heights as time goes on.

Her most recent single, Transcend, was released just before the Covid-19 pandemic took the world by storm, and the timing perhaps couldn’t be more perfect. Through her work, she’s helped inspire countless individuals to find their own strength and social justice, and hopefully, helped make a significant change in the lives of people struggling to cope with their own situations.

Few artists can offer quite the same sound and passion as Nyota Parker – and with this in mind, we’re confident she’ll continue to grow to ever-greater heights in her career.

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