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Flagstaff, Arizona’s Own Indie Artist Palm Tree

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Palm Tree is a 26 year old Hip Hop artist hailing from Flagstaff Arizona, and he’s committed to

becoming a financially independent, successful recording artist.

He’s keeping his wits about him and investing in his career wisely for now, and just beginning to start

to perform live and he’s feeling it’s going well. This is the next level of the music industry for him to

experience and master. He’ll continue to enhance his live performance as he continues to add to his

song catalog by releasing new music every 2 weeks and investing in promoting his new releases.

For now, Palm Tree is hopeful he can find a label that would not only sign him but also care about his

goals and career. For now, you he’s enjoying his Old School, like Eminem, Method Man, Nas, and the

Wu Tang Clan and East Coast in general. He’s currently writing new material with a 90’s vibe,

gettin’ blazed and gettin’ his bank up to make some real moves.

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