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Burgos Impressive Rise In the Music Scene

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A person can flourish in his life if he is dedicated, passionate, and aspires to be influential and to be respected and known by the people. The music world has a place for the artist who has these above qualities if we name a few.  If we look around there are many talented artists but a very few individuals have gone ahead in this competition. If you are determined to do something no matter what you will reach that position one day but you have to be consistent. Therefore, it is essential for an artist to create a unique Niche for oneself instead of following the trend or what they are doing.

So, today we will be talking about such a unique artist who has been one of the promising artists of 2022. From overcoming the daily challenges to influencing the young budding artists, he has come a long long way and his name is “BURGOS”. Let’s explore!

Burgos was born in Bronx, New York, raised in South Florida, and is currently residing in Denver, Colorado. He is a descendant of Puerto Rican from both the parents’ sides. He has been rapping since late 2010.

He has been gaining a lot of popularity after dropping Hit after hit from his hit single release “Soulless” to “I Like”. Every song of his has been streamed a huge number of times. His Music on Spotify has gained about 500K monthly Listeners which is a very big number. Getting this appreciation by the listeners on such a big platform is amazing.

Coming to his works, he has worked and has dropped various mixtapes and projects with numerous features from legendary industry artists such as Bizzy Bone, Layzie Bone, Dizzy Wright, SpaceGhostPurrp, and ItsOKtoCry, just to name a few. Besides, He has had and has distribution deals with quite a few different labels, such as Black17/Sony, Trap Religion, IMG/Universal, Empire Records, and Trash gang.

His music has been a creative outlet for the lost, emotional, confused, and hurting souls. His music crosses many boundaries of genres, from EDM, speed rap to hard rock, spoken word to emotional singing, and showing how there is a voice in this sullen world for youngsters. His songs answered all the unresolved questions that the young people ask themselves in this upsetting world they are living in. If we see the comments, his music has a vibrant craft that has inspired and touched everyone’s soul.

Despite his impressive achievements, Burgos has stayed grounded. His main motive for achieving success is to avoid being famous. Instead, he wants to motivate those who share his desire to succeed.

Checkout Burgos on Spotify and Instagram.

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