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Tennis Influencer Emir Hamzić Is Taking The Sport of Tennis to an Even Bigger Audience

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The sport of tennis is seeing a massive spike in popularity online, and it’s all thanks to former All-American champion Emir Hamzić, who is bringing tennis to the next generation of players through social media. Tennis is an extremely exciting sport that often gets drowned out in the more mainstream American sports such as basketball, American football, and baseball. All of that is about to change through Emir’s creative content and the broad influence he has amassed through the years.

Emir Hamzić is a former professional tennis player. Although he isn’t playing pro ball any longer, he is still making noise as a coach now.  Hamzic is an academy and travel coach overseeing ITF, WTA, ATP, and NCAA tennis players. He works as the Director of High Performance Tennis at Lakeshore Sport and Fitness while also running his business, Hamzić All American Training, in Chicago. In January 2021, the globally renowned tennis professional debuted his first-ever video on YouTube, officially starting his journey as a tennis influencer for all to witness.

He showcases his training style on YouTube and uploads training videos to push tennis to a whole new level of popularity. He has the personality of a football coach on the tennis court. His efforts on the social media platform have been gaining a lot of traction, allowing him to amass over 250,000 views across his channel in such a short amount of time. The interest in the sport is definitely there, and Emir Hamzić will stop at nothing to push it into the mainstream.

His goal is to Americanize the sport of tennis by marketing it in a way that mainstream media is failing to do. He calls it the Iverson effect, referring to Hall of Famer, basketball great Allen Iverson, who infused hip-hop culture to the NBA, changing the NBA forever. It’s the infusion of culture that he believes will help show how exciting tennis really is. He believes watching tennis should give you “March Madness” or “Superbowl” vibes. Hamzic believes tennis can be boring to viewers because whenever one goes online, every tennis coach is making the same instructional video. It’s time to mix it up, time to entertain, and from watching his videos, one can see has the personality to do so.

Most of Emir Hamzić’s drill videos are deeply rooted in his expertise as a tennis performance specialist which comes from his background in exercise science. As an ATP-certified tennis coach, he is the definitive authority when it comes to such matters, and he is making it clear with his loyal viewership. Every video that he puts out is never the same, adding more flavor and intensity when it comes to his drills and training videos.

Rather than taking a more instructional approach to his tennis videos, he goes for the more entertaining approach showing the more exciting side of tennis to the new generation piquing the interest of non-tennis players to try out the sport and see it in a brand new light. He is not saying instructional videos are bad, but one can only teach something so much. It’s time to make tennis more accessible by using the internet to teach everyday kids how to train by themselves, a friend, even their parents. This can be done with Youtube, as we are in the do-it-yourself era.

Apart from his immense passion for Tennis, Emir Hamzić is also heavily involved in other aspects of popular culture. He is the executive producer for his brother Riad Hamzić’s upcoming album, It’s Beautiful in Hell, which is set to release this January 17, 2022 on their birthday.

It’s incredible how far Emir Hamzić has come through the years. The renowned tennis coach and influencer is just getting started, and he will stop at nothing to bring the hype to the sport that he loves.

To know more about Emir Hamzić, make sure to visit his official website. Check him out on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

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