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Pompeiii Spreads His Faith Through His Music

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It can be said that all modern music has roots in gospel. Jazz, pop, and rock “n” roll all have one thing in common: roots in the church. Seattle artist Pompeiii has taken his church roots and spread his faith through one of America’s youngest creations in the musical world: hip-hop.

First thing the listener notices when checking out Pompeiii’s catalog is that almost all of his songs are based on his faith. In “The Mist”, he speaks about love being “heaven sent” and divine, one of his more blatant religious messages. Even subtly on his latest single “I’m Back”, he still playfully announces his return by “letting the choir sing” and saying “amen”. This sense of faith is consistent throughout Pompeii’s music and works as a tool to keep him grounded in the mad entertainment industry of today.

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