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Tommy Stoner Releases “Sturdy” feat. Ferregamo Swave, Ghee Boe (Official Music Video)

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If you haven’t listened to Tommy Stoner’s (@tommyston3r) new single “Sturdy” yet.  Then you need to stop reading this and click on the YouTube play button neeeeow! Tommy is not your ordinary producer-turn rapper from Atlanta, Georgia. He is the producer behind Yeshua Alexander’s aka YA’s (@yeshuaalexander) “My Time“ featuring Lil Uzi Vert (@liluzivert) and most  “Born Guilty” featuring Baton Rogue’s (LA) own Lil Boosie (@Boosieofficial). 

Tommy Stoner recently released his fourth studio project entitled “Tommy Sober.” The new project features former Drake ghostwriter Quentin Miller, Gucci Mane signee Lil Quill (@lil.quill), and more. His new visual to “Sturdy,” is directed by Adrien Williams and features 1650 Entertainments own Ghee Boe (@1650GheeBoe) and fellow Atlantan Ferregamo Swave (@ferregamoswave). Stream the rest of the album here on Spotify!

Album Tracklisting: “Tommy Sober” (2021 1650 Entertainment)

1. iDon’t Even Drink
2. GYM (feat. Quentin Miller)
3. Playboi Carti High
4. Up There (feat. 4YZ & Ghee Boe)
5. Stuffed (feat. Ghee Boe)
6. High All Year
7. We Lit (feat. Lil Quill)
8. No Cap
9. Ash Tray
10. This Town
11. Dolly Parton
12. Priceless
13. Believe in Me
14. Shoe’s Tied (feat. Makk)
15. Can’t Let Go
16. DId More (feat Ferregamo Swave)
17. Make No Sense
18. My Song
19. All in (feat. Lil Bruh Cartier)
20. Bankin’ (feat. Makk)
21. Sturdy (feat. Ferregamo Swave & Ghee Boe)
22. Outro 

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