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With Singles Like “1916” and “Cold in Hell,” Hannah Felisa forms an Artistic Voice

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W​hen we think of a household name, we also think of their voice. That voice becomes part of our daily lives. Many artists have such an impact on our lives that they have worked their way into our day-to-day routines. Hannah Felisa is an artist who has quickly risen to the ranks of household-name fame with her hit tracks 1916 and Cold in Hell.

B​oth available on streaming services like Apple Music 1916 and Cold in Hell are defining songs for a generation. At just 17 years old, Hannah Felisa’s music career is taking off. “I enjoy writing music that resonates with others,” states Hannah. “When people can truly feel and relate to a song, it becomes something they listen to every day. It becomes a part of their lives.”

Born in Boston, MA, Hannah started singing at a very young age. “I remember my first school performance at just four years old,” says Hannah. “I knew shortly after that that music would be my life. I’m so grateful it has turned into a promising career.” Through hard work and dedication, Hannah has crafted intimate and soul-reaching music that audiences have been looking for.

I​t isn’t easy becoming a household name, but Hannah has done it with the grace and tenacity of a seasoned professional. “A lot of making it in the music industry has to do with dedication,” explains Hannah. “Talent is crucial, but you have to be motivated to see it through, and it takes an incredible amount of hard work.” From day one, Hannah has taken the work it takes to make it big seriously and refines her skills daily through practice and exploration.

I​t can be easy to give up. Especially in such a demanding industry, but you never know when your big break is just around the corner. “So far, I’ve released three singles, and the work it takes to produce music doesn’t scare me,” says Hannah. “If anything, I find it invigorating, and it’s been so exciting to see how audiences react to the music.” With every song, Hannah continues to broaden her reach, raising her star and solidifying her status as a household name.

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