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Super Producer and Composer IN-L Proves His Worth by Showcasing His Outstanding Work

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There are many artists whose versatility and passion towards the craft take them to astounding heights of success. The music realm has seen many such talents who have displayed their prowess and have raced ahead of all. Artist and producer IN-L is one of them who has done exceptionally well in his career as an artist, showcasing his unique and distinctive style which makes him stand out from the rest.

As a music artist, he has succeeded in winning hearts and connected well to a wide base of audiences who love his music which is filled with authentic bass lines and guitar riffs that saturate each track with a magical feel and tone that put his listeners in a great mood.

“My main mission is to make sure my music reaches across the globe and is given to anyone with ears to hear and that wants to listen to it. My music catalog has something in it for everyone because there’s no limit or barrier to it,” says IN-L.

To succeed an artist needs to have a distinct quality that separates them from the rest as well as the right influences to get them on the right path.

“My biggest influences are all of the artists, producers, and DJ’s from the late ninety’s to current date.” IN-L tells us. But the true inspiration comes to IN-L from the heart when as a kid he listened to his father beat on the table which then allowed him to hear the music in his head. “All of these sounds created songs in my head that I felt would be great on the radio.”

“The video’s concept and song was inspired through my life’s journey, through understanding that I always have an opportunity to obtain any goal that’s in front of me. In the video the girl that’s dancing is the guy’s goal for a chance at love.” IN-L explains.


The artist has just released a new EP ‘Hope And Healing’  which was inspired by the hard time everyone has been dealing with for the last couple of years. The EP represents a time to heal and look upon life more optimistically.

When listening to the new EP, there’s a sense of contentment in the style which is very rare and unique, not to be found in today’s breed of music artists. Having proved to be one of the music industry’s shining stars who has become a rage within no time of stepping into the music world.


You can check out his EP ‘Hope And Healing’ here:


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