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Jad Al Fakhani takes away your sleep with his new track “Sleepless Souls”

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“Sleepless Souls,” Jad Al Fakhani’s newest hit, is shattering streaming records all around the world. The song went on to become an immediate hit, propelling Jad’s career to new heights. He and his great music have attracted fans from all around the world.

Jad has been connected with music since he was a child, having been born in the heart of house music. He’s seen the flow of music expand and develop over the years he’s been in the business. As a result, he has a thorough understanding of how music works and influences people. This is expressed to the fullest extent feasible through his music.

The song “Sleepless Souls” was very recently released. The music surprised everyone and defied all expectations. You will feel utterly invigorated after listening to it. It’s amazing how much of a difference a simple restart can make.

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