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Irina Garasymiv heals your mind with her new track “Self Healer”

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Irina Garasymiv uses music to elicit emotional reactions from her audience. This is especially apparent in the song “Self Healer.” Since its publication, the song has done wonders for Irina’s career as a musician. Irina now gets the chance to demonstrate her abilities to the rest of the world.

“Self Healer” enables listeners to feel the music all throughout their bodies. It affects both their minds and their spirits. What follows is an out-of-this-world experience that goes well beyond what you’d anticipate from music. However, after hearing “Self Healer,” you’ll realize how incorrect you were.

Irina is most known for her modeling profession, although she has just lately entered the music industry. She has made a reputation for herself via her excellent music in a very short period of time. Fans who have followed her modeling career will now be able to experience another facet of her talent in the form of her music. We’re excited to see what she has in store for us.

Her Instagram page may be found at @irinagray

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