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Meet South Central L.A. Recording Artist Shakur Luciano

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Starting the new year of 2022 off correctly, recording artist, Shakur Luciano, stepped out on faith, deciding to rebrand himself and reclaim his throne. The streets of South Central, Los Angeles, raised him and gave him his musical inspiration. Doing whatever it takes to make it out of the gritty streets alive, he turned his street smarts into the tools he needed to succeed in the music industry. With hard work, dedication, and God by his side, everything he hoped for, he achieved independently.
With Covid-19 affecting the whole world and causing it to shut down, he dedicated this time to evolve his music. After building an at-home studio and starting his video production company, nothing seemed impossible. His entrepreneurship elevated to a new level.
In a number of months, he was able to gain the attention of A&R’s at various record labels. However, he quickly decided that his vision had changed. He turned each one of the deals down to stay independent. Now ownership was a priority for him.
Soon after that, he applied more pressure and went viral again with his work ethic. New singles were released back to back that all charted on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. Luciano was also featured on TheSource, HipHopWeekly, and LA Leakers #LEAKShow on Shade45 SiriusXM. Most may know him from his hit song, “Hennessy and Moscato”, which broke the airwaves. Recently releasing his popular song, “Toxic”, garnered attention from more A&R’s and DJs. Advocating for ownership with music labels is his primary focus. As well as growing his career as a full-time YouTuber with his channel surpassing 20,000 subscribers.

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