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Joilson Melo Launched New Album ‘Genesis Mystery’ Edition With 13 New Tracks (Official Audio)

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If you are an electronic music lover and love to listen to Hip Hop and Rock, then you would be amazed to know the release of an electronic music album “Genesis Mystery” launched by artist Joilson Melo. The music launched by him serves the public that has a great taste for electronic music – Hip Hop and Rock.


Anybody may have a passion for electronic music, however, there will be only a few who have just taken practical steps to release their own album along fulfilling their duties and responsibilities.


Electronic music is part of everyday life and is the love and passion of many people around the world. Today we have another electronic music album available based on 13 highly captivating and relaxing musical pieces.


Hunger For Electronic Music!


Electronic music is the only thing that can make him remain motivated and concentrated to face challenges. Electronic music is the actual way out that can help soothe his soul and make him feel all good and relaxed after a tough routine day.


Great news for electronic music lovers who just want to listen to emerging music talent. The album ‘Genesis Mystery’ was recorded in 2021 and is now released in 2022 successfully.


The album is available on different leading and most commonly visited online platforms including Spotify, Tidal, Amazon, Youtube Music, and Deezer. Since Musicas has its main genre “electronic” includes songs reflecting the rhythm of Hip Hop and Rock – attracting individuals who like to listen to such genres.


Here is the list of the music pieces of Joilson’s Electronic Album:


  1. Mystery, Pop Adventure Sentimental
  2. Genesis Traps
  3. Mysteries for Traps
  4. Traps for infinity
  5. Genesis Aggressiveness
  6. Start of Dance Party
  7. Mysteries, War Game
  8. Mysteries, Hard Tech
  9. Mysteries, Cinematographic
  10. Mystery, Power and Drive Rock
  11. Mystery, Summer
  12. Mystery, Inspiring Story Rock
  13. Mystery, Grinder


If you are an electronic music lover, you can have a great time listening to your favorite music genre launched by Joilson Melo on different leading platforms. You can have easy access to any of the music pieces.


Listen to your favorite music that will soothe your soul – for sure.

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