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Expressing one’s Patriotism with James Rogers

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Love for one’s country is one of the purest forms of adore and love there is. Although not usually seen, patriotism makes a person express their love in various mediums. Acts of patriotism show the extent of their respect towards the values their country upholds. Respecting the ones who serve their nation is also a method of expressing one’s patriotism. There are many mediums of showing one love to their nation. One American artist that expresses his love for the beacon of Freedom is James Rogers.
The United States has always been a world leader and liberator. The main belief that is the foundation of the United States is that Freedom is above all. Everyone has the birthright to be free to express themselves and be all they want to be. However, there are some that spew negative comments about this glorious nation which leads to a decrease in national morale. James Rogers is an American singer, musician, and songwriter who wants to increase national morale and spread the word about the greatness of his nation through beautiful lyrics and sublime melodies. He wants to remind his fellow citizens about the beauty of this nation and how privileged they are to be a part of it.
Some In-Sight in the life of this Patriotic Artist
James Rogers is a Chattanooga, Tennessee native and was born on 22nd December. His parents Hershel and Elizabeth Rogers, not being able to afford him the best materialistic environment, skipped no corners to make sure his personal grooming was taken care of. James was brought up with optimistic teachings and had learned to respect hard work and dedication. Like every other household, the Rogers also had a family activity that was used as an outlet to release the tension of a hard day of work at the textile mill. They used music to let go of that pent-up stress after a long day and be relaxed and at peace. Rogers’s deep love of music was also the result of his family’s influence.
His father used to play a steel guitar, and his mother sang melodies with her sisters. They attended church and regularly would sing in the choir and occasionally attend and perform for revival meetings and “old fashioned singings”. Surrounded by music, James started to show talent in the melodious arts that were quickly recognized. Even in elementary school, his talent in music was enough to represent his class in a talent show. This performance assured him of his talent as a natural-born performer.
In 1958 the Rogers family had moved to Ft.Oglethorpe, Georgia, where James had no problems adjusting due to his musical talents. His talents were quickly recognized over here, as well as scored him some small performances at PTA’s.
Having been from a humble background, James knew all too well the troubles that can follow financial deficiency. Therefore, he started his efforts to shape a better future for himself from an early stage. He would work in a drug store on the weekends while still in high school to start his saving for future prospects. With a dream of becoming a lawyer, James enrolled in the Dalton Junior College in 1967. Even while studying, he picked up another job as a gas station attendant to be as self-sufficient as possible. He was brought up to work hard and believe in himself no matter how many obstacles he had to face. After his Associates’ of Art degree, he self-financed his further education and enrolled in the University of Tennessee of Chattanooga. However, even after performing all of his educational and professional duties, his love for music brought him enough energy to practice his tunes and melodies in the little free time he had.

Serving His Country

James was an active part of the National Guard and was scheduled to go on a six-month tour of active duty during his studies. He loved the values that portrayed the United States as a whole and happily abided by the duties of serving his nation. James used to entertain his colleagues and other military personnel in the mess hall with his music. His “Latrine Concerts” became quite famous at the base. Even after retiring from his military career, the love for his country runs deep in James’s Veins. His music tributes to the Armed Forces, the American Bald Eagle, and other causes that bring the audience closer to God and their country. Many of his songs have been selected for different events in the American Army, such as “I Guard America” and “Where Eagles Fly”.
James Rogers chose music to express his love and respect for America. Remembering his days in the National Guard, James’s songs strike a powerful feeling in people’s hearts and make them remember the simpler days when all Americans stood strong, proud, and United.

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