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Mvss Drops The Realest Track Out Right Now, “Matrix”

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Soon to be releasing his forthcoming EP Revolt, comes Mvss an emcee from the DMV tri-state. Raised in the DC metro area, Mvss spent a part of his life in his family’s native home of Monrovia, Liberia. Even though he began writing as a kid, it wasn’t until being home in Africa where our artist truly nurtured his awareness of society. With experience and knowledge he can proudly say those are fundamentals he stands on, to implement reality, social awareness and diversity within music.

His new coming EP Revolt is inspired by the modern generation of a so-called great nation. The track “Matrix”, featuring Nike collaborator Sir Shek, showcases the duo exchanging verses about their untethered awareness of a perceived reality within a controlled narrative. The track’s blend of drill and cloud trap brings in a different bounce and flow that feels like you’re floating through an elated simulation.

“I’m breaking the codes

Been making the mold

On how to behold

The leader in me

This COVID19 shit only exposed

The real from the foes

It’s funny to me”

Hard hitting bars accompanied with Sir Shek lending his vocals in the second verse.

“Why the Matrix tryna sabotage

Bring real truths and double lies

Man I lost money, I lost time

Came back

I claim mine

I pass the rock

and I share mine”

Inspired by the film trilogy of the same name, the accompanying visual is presented courtesy of Stewdio Visuals and Rod Reclusive as the DMV duo are seen performing within a simulated reality.

Following previous releases “Boss Man” and his debut tape “The Mvss Show” the DMV artist builds onto his catalog towards Revolt. “Boss Man” the latest release from Mvss being an incredible track

We’re excited to see what the “Matrix” reveals and what Revolt brings to fruition as we peer into the mind of Mvss and gather excerpts of his perspective before, during, after this pandemic.

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