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Andrew “Dante” Hillmedo Media Resume Is Large And He’s Only Just Beginning

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Andrew “Dante” Hillmedo is a media powerhouse. Shooting Michael Rubin’s all white party, going on tour with Mariah Carey, working with reggae legends like Shaggy and Kranium.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. He has also done numerous corporate gigs, shot NFL pre-super bowl parties with Robert Kraft and Meek Mill, worked with Adidas, Hennessy, and is a regular videographer for Dream Doll. In early 2018 Andrew felt like it was time to level up, and started his production company, Team Elite Productions. With all this up his sleeve,

and 7 cameras in his arsenal, 2022 is looking bright for Andrew. This year he plans to create tutorials for those interested in getting into film and photography, start production on film ideas, and continue to build up his brand.

Where did you grow up? 

I grew up in the Bronx, NY.

You said in your past you’ve done music and acting. What kind of music were you making? 

In my college years I got into rap/r&b, started writing and producing my own songs, doing performances, features, and interviews.

When you were younger did you think you’d be doing what you do today? 

Not at all, growing up I was very heavy into art and anime. My goal was to learn 3D and use my art skill to work for a studio like Dreamworks or Pixar and make 3D animated films.

Why did you choose to take a step back from acting and music to pursue videography? 

Acting and music, although I was seeing success in both ventures, took away from my day job; which I was unwilling to give up at the time as I had short term goals I wanted to attain and maintain such as a car, apartment, etc.. I used to sneak out on my lunch breaks to do auditions and come back late so much that they gave me a warning, if I’m late one more time I’m fired and I took heed to that warning lol.

Did you ever do photography as well or have you only done video? 

Yes, I do portrait/headshot/event/boudoir photography and started doing photography before moving into the world of film.

Would you ever act in something you direct? 

Yes and I have; I’ve produced a web series that unfortunately ended unfinished due to the cast members becoming unavailable. But I produced, directed, scripted, and acted in my first web series entitled “Breakaway”. It was a great learning experience and I plan to create films and more web series in the near future.

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