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J Bentayga Is Blowing Up With Twin Comma Club

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J Bentayga has been consistent over the years, & now all his hard work and dedication have been paying off bigtime. J Bentayga is an up and coming music artist hailing from Fort Worth, Texas. He is known for songs such as “None Of Us Are Rich”, “Leave It All Behind”, “Deserve It”, & projects such as “Friends Don’t Hate” & “Uno Dos”. More recently J Bentayga displays his consistency as he releases his new project “Almost There”. The project includes songs “Only One”, “Test My Luck”, “Next Up” & more. J Bentayga has been heating up and seems to gain more fans with every release. 2022 is looking like a huge year for J Bentayga. The young CEO has a brand called Twin Comma Club. TCC is a creative entrepreneur networking group. TCC helps creatives network and leverage each other’s skillsets. They invite all creatives and all entrepreneurs to join, network, connect, & grow.

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