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Soulja Boy’s Nudes Leaked Again and He’s Enjoying It

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Fans once again got to see why Soulja Boy has deemed himself Big Draco after the rapper trended for having his nudes leaked. This is the first time this has happened but the first leak was courtesy of Soulja Boy himself in 2012. He later apologized for that leak and quickly got back to the music. On Tuesday, Big Draco tweeted out a link to his Only Fans account. A few fans decided to check it out and leaked his explicit photos online. Of course Soulja Boy is not at all bothered by the leak and has been reposting most of the tweets about his package. Never one to shy away from a viral moment, Soulja will go down in history as the first rapper to leak his own nudes.

Here is what some twitter fans had to say about the nudes:


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