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Sin Dripdavelli Fires Back At The Streets With “Toxic” Music Video

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Having a relationship in 2020 has taken a toll on many of us and especially with quarantine.

Toxic is one of the street’s favorites and the girls are mad at Sin Dripavelli for displaying his toxicity. Sin pushes nothing but facts in his new single and tells all about his new love debacle. 


Brooklyn, NY, has many emerging talents that had singles that captivated the audience of the NY drill scene. Nonetheless, hip hop artist Sin Dripavelli delivered his recent single for the “Toxic” visuals directed by Sin Dripavelli, shot by CashFilmsNy, and executive produced by Slim & Maine.  Sin Dripavelli is known for his lyrical ability and creative metaphors within his hooks. His single “Toxic” takes you through the story from dating in his eyes which is being truthful and accurate about dating being toxic as a whole. Honesty through every bar and settling the inner works before involving someone in your world is critical. Moreover, Sin Dripavelli mentions being honest by telling his very toxic partner. Dating during these times brings upon paranoia such as women who may set men up like the alleged shooting with Megan and Tory or anecdotes from famous TV sitcom show ” The Parkers”; when Ms. Parker chases her love interest, Professor Oglesby, throughout numerous scenes when manifesting love is not a chase. Sin Dripavelli admits to being toxic in this new single “Toxic.” 


Now, Sin Dripavelli is back with the long-awaited visuals and audio for his new single “Toxic.” Toxic is a contemporary vision with much seductiveness within his creative visual concepts. 

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