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Self-Made Rapper From San Diego Is Making Waves

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Itslitobbs is a self-made music artist from San Diego, who’s sound is almost like a dope combination of Drake and Future. Currently, his Spotify has over 300k streams, with “Bangers with the Boys” sitting on top. During the pandemic, Itslitobbs has linked and collaborated with professional dancer, social media influencer, and vocalist Timo Nuñez. Lito describes Timo as having “an insatiable drive for success”. He goes on to say “Timo pushes my writing and even brings our songs to Los Angeles to get crazy Mixed and Vocal Produced by Kendrick Lamar’s collaborator, B Martin, at Purpose Driven Studios”. Their single “Escobar” has over 20k views in just 3 short months. In a world full of people looking out for themselves, it’s refreshing to see someone leaning into their team and growing with them. Look out for Itslitobbs’ upcoming singles – building off his current catalog of bangers.

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